STONE ST-66 impregnation is a silane siloxane compound and can be applied to the green side and the dry side of the concrete as well as on natural stone. STONE ST-66 dries quickly and invisibly. For the factory production process STONE ST-66 can be integrated very well and can also be used here as a water-repellent admixture for concrete. Due to its solvent-free and therefore environmentally friendly formulation, the product is not subject to the Hazardous Substances Regulation. STONE ST-66 impregnation guarantees optimum protection against water, against oily and greasy substances and other contaminants such as coffee, cola, wine etc. Due to mechanical cleaning, the protective effect subsides. By newly impregnation, it will be fully restored. The pores are not closed by the impregnation, which favors the breathability of the concrete/ natural stone. The water absorption is greatly reduced. The water vapor permeability, however, remains.

Product characteristics
  • reduces the occurrence of efflorescence
  • avoid frost damages
  • high stain resistance
  • protection against moss and algae
  • low moisture
  • high alkali resistance
  • high UV resistance
  • good water repellency