contains an impregnating silane compound and is almost free of volatile organic compounds. The impregnation was specifically developed for the treatment of hardened, dry and dense concrete and other mineral substrates such as natural stone. STONE Silano dries quickly and invisibly. In the production process, STONE Silano can be integrated very well.It provides protection against oil and grease contamination and against coffee, cola, water, etc. Due to mechanical cleaning, the protective effect may decrease. A renewed application refreshes the desired effects. The small molecular size of this product allows STONE Silano to impregnate deep into the pores of the product to create a highly effective water- repellent coating.

Product characteristics
  • resistant to light and weather
  • does not discolour product
  • barely any reduction in vapour-diffusion properties
  • improved performance against frost damage
  • reduced rate of moisture absorption and retention
  • reduces the occurrence of efflorescence