Water-proofing admixture

STONE MH 61 is a modified silane-based admixture. Containing virtually no volatile elements, it has been developed for the mass water-proofing of concrete. STONE MH 61 is designed as an additive for use with fresh concrete. The water- repellent effect develops as the concrete sets. STONE MH 61 reacts with the contact surfaces of the pores and capillaries of the mineral-based material to form an invisible, water-repellent surface.The preservation of the material’s high level of water-vapour permeability means that the concrete is still able to “breathe” effectively. The high proportion of active ingredients in STONE MH 61 helps it considerably to reduce the appearance of efflorescence while preventing damage due to frost and acid rain. Other positive benefits provided by this product include a drastic reduction in water absorption and high resistance to alkaline-based substances. Thanks to a low dosage rate, 0.5% to 1.5% with respect to the concrete mixture as a whole, a high level of cost-efficiency is achieved. The addition of STONE MH 61 provides excellent water-repellent properties. The amount added is low with respect to conventional products, making it easy to handle.

Product exams

The following tests were carried out by independent institutes:

  • Frost/de-icing salt-testing in accordance with DIN EN 1339 / Wilhelm Dyckerhoff
  • Establishing of capillary-based water absorption in accordance with DIN EN 13057 (BAM)
Product characteristics
  • strong hydrophobing effect
  • high content of active substance
  • high water vapour permeability
  • reduces the occurrence of efflorescence
  • high alkali resistance
  • low dosage