Water-proofing admixture

STONE MH 31 is a water-soluble, silane siloxane emulsion, and is therefore easy and safe to handle. Containing virtually no volatile elements, it has been developed for the mass water-proofing of concrete. STONE MH 31 is designed as an additive for suitable concrete products. The admixture is added at the mixing stage of the production process, therefore reducing the number of installation stages when on site. The hydrophobic effect develops as the concrete sets. STONE MH 31 reacts with the contact surfaces of the pores and capillaries of the mineral-based material to form an invisible, water- repellent surface.STONE MH 31 considerably reduces the absorbency level of the concrete without affecting its ability to “breathe” or its permeability with respect to water vapour. It also prevents the growth of moss and algae, while protecting against frost and other causes of erosion. STONE MH 31 reduces blooming effective and is additional a good plasticizer.

Product characteristics
  • easy processing
  • effective reducing of blooming
  • better compaction
  • good water repellency
  • frost-deicing-salt-resistant