Acrylate coating

STONE Easy-to-Clean is an extra-high-quality, solvent-free coating product. It is designed for the use on suitable mineral-based surfaces such as concrete pavers, patio slabs, natural stone slabs, screed and other building products made of concrete. Furthermore it is characterised by the high amount of active ingredients contained in it. STONE Easy-to-Clean offers excellent protection against staining caused by clay mud, dead foliage, fruit acids, tannic acids, red wine and other contaminants, by making it much easier to clean such substances off the coated surface.STONE Easy-to-Clean also helps reduce the appearance of efflorescence. The application of an extra coat can conceal scratches and similar defects, and also help prevent them occurring in the first place. STONE Easy-to-Clean is also highly resistant to traffic wear and the action of acid/alkaline-based substances. Surfaces treated with the product become much less absorbent, which helps them to repel water. The product is easy to handle, as it is solvent-free, has no discernible odour and is simple to apply. The application of STONE Easy-to-Clean gives the surface a silky gloss finish, while bringing out the original colour-tone of the base material.

Product exams

The following tests were carried out by independent institutes:

  • wear-tested in accordance with DIN 52108
  • frost/de-icing salt-tested in accordance with Ö-Norm B 3303 Ziff. 6.10.
  • tested to determine resistance to soiling
  • wear-resistance rating in accordance with DIN EN 1339:2003
Product characteristics
  • effective protection from soiling
  • environmentally friendly
  • simple processing
  • good water repellence