To test our coating system in the customer’s factory we employ mobile application devices and UV lamps if required.

We conduct various testing methods following the standards or referring to standards as a service. As the original inspection, these are to be assessed for internal purposes and do not preclude any autonomous inspections.

Natural weathering tests

Natural weathering tests serve as a tool for improving product quality. The outdoor weathering tests are used to determine the resistance of coatings to external environmental influences. These include the resistance to solar radiation, temperature, humidity and many other factors.

Arti­ficial weath­ering following DIN EN ISO 16474-1 / 3

These testing methods are employed to investigate the weather resistance of the surfaces. In a special weathering chamber, samples are exposed to UV light, moisture and temperature and changes to the surface are examined at regular intervals.

Cross-cut test

In the cross-cut test, two multiple cuts at 90° angles to each other are made on the coating using a cross-cut device. Through this purposeful damage to the surface we can tell a lot about the adhesion to the substrate.

the abrasion resistance

The abrasion resistance of a coating is examined with the use of rotating rubber rolls. This standardized method makes it possible to compare different coatings against or with each other based on their abrasion resistance.


The double-rub test serves to investigate the solvent resistance of painted surfaces. It is also used to test the cross linkage of UV-paints. For this, a special felt is soaked in e.g. Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone (MEK) and rubbed over the testing sample in double strokes with a defined testing load.

The length of the test depends on the appearance of a visible change to the paint surface or agreed number of double strokes.

Further Methods

linear abrasion test
Mohs abrasive hardness test
evaporation test
determining the absorption of water of free films
hardness measurement on the surface-protection-layers (Hardness Test Pencil) microscopic investigation
the Karsten tube penetration test